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About Us

My Solar Solutions is committed to helping you find the right solar solution for your property. Allow us to simplify the solar process when considering solar as your new energy source. We'll search the best options in the industry for you and provide an unbiased review on which company and products are best for you and your property.

My Solar Solutions is NOT a contractor nor installation company. All of the agents representing Solar Solutions are Home Improvement Salesperson with the intention of finding property owners the right solar solution and installer for their home. 

Solar Solutions works with the following nationwide contractors: Sunnova, Sunrun, Freedom Forever, Sunpower, and Powur. 

HIS Registration #104892 SP

the team

Why Hire a Solar Broker?

A solar consultant's job is to provide you with an unbiased review of your options when picking a solar company. The biggest recognized value of hiring a consultant is to have them negotiate on your behalf for the best panels and warranties and at the best price.

Leave the research and negotiating to the expert.

How Do We Get Paid?

The company you decide to have install solar on your property pays us a thank you bonus. We work with a handful of solar companies and bring them tons of business through our consulting services; this gives us access to exclusive pricing and options to choose from which we then we turn and offer you.


We are a referral based business so it is in our interest to provide you a solar solution you are thrilled with so that you are inspired to share our service with your family and friends!  


It’s a win for the solar company because they earn more business, a win for us because we have a job, and then a win for YOU as our client because you get the best solar solution, warranties, and at the best price.

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