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2021 Solar Data Cheat Sheet | SEIA

The following data was derived from the Solar Energy Industries Association. Cheat sheet was updated 12/14/2021 from Q4 2021 data. - 231,474 People are currently employed by the solar industry. - 113.5 GW Amount of solar currently installed in the U.S. - $25.4 Billion value of the U.S. solar market in 2020 - 3,175,174 Number of solar energy systems installed in the U.S. - 42% Average annual growth of the solar market over the past 10 years - Through the first three quarters of 2021, solar comprised 54% of all new generating capacity

- In 2020, a new solar project was installed every 75 seconds Today, nearly 4% of U.S. electricity comes from solar energy, more than 80 times its share decade ago. Carbon emissions reduced 127 million metic tons annually, equivalent to: - 28 million vehicles off the road - 14 billion gallons of gas not used - 1.8 billion trees planted - Shuttering 32 coal-fired plants Predictions: - 300 GW of new solar capacity will be installed over the next 10 years...3 times greater than the amount installed through 2020. - 12.4% of U.S. homes will have solar PV system by 2030 - 13.4% of U.S. homes will have a solar PV system by 2030 View infographic HERE

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