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Biden Administration Deploys Rescue Plan Funds to Protect Americans from Rising Home Heating Costs

As winter is approaching, it's important to pay attention to how climate change will drastically affect homeowners. Many parts of the US are getting colder instead of warmer via polar vortex. This could be the most expensive winter yet for homeowners and the Biden Administration is well aware. A few days ago, Biden administration called on utility companies to prevent shut offs this winter, this is only a short term solution to a long term problem. In a statement released by the Whitehouse, "Today, the Biden-Harris Administration called on states, localities and tribes to plan early and coordinate across programs to effectively use historic American Rescue Plan resources to address home energy costs this winter. The White House also called on utility companies that receive public dollars to prevent devastating utility shut-offs this winter and help expedite the delivery of unprecedented federal aid." Read full statement by the White House HERE ***Stat on energy crisis via Business Insider: "Home heating prices are expected to rise this year as parts of the world face an increasing energy crisis. Americans have been paying more to fill their cars with gas since 2014, and the same problem is expected to hit homeowners this winter as the cost of natural gas continues to increase. Homeowners can expect a 30% increase in the cost of their natural gas bill this winter, the National Energy Assistance Directors Association told Insider."

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