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Biden allows solar panel imports while also moving to boost domestic production

The Biden administration has had a hands-off approach to a Commerce Department tariff investigation that has seemingly frozen the solar power industry in the United States. And it has now officially come to an end as the Biden administration decides to take action. " A probe into whether Chinese solar manufacturers had been improperly funneling parts through four other Asian countries had cut solar installation forecasts nearly in half — and done so at a time when the Biden White House's ambitious clean energy agenda is stalled in Congress.

Rapidly shifting the country away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy is one of President Biden's top goals." - NPR "On Monday the administration announced a compromise: the investigation will continue, but solar panels will be allowed to be imported from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam for two years without fear of steep retroactive tariffs — granting the solar industry a measure of certainty as they await the Commerce Department's decision." - NPR

In the recent years the US Solar industry has grown immensely - but not at a sustainable pace to reach Biden's goal of net carbon-neutral energy sector in the next 13 years. Biden administration is now taking action and focusing efforts to speed up the growth of solar.

"Biden is also invoking the Defense Production Act to help expand American solar panel manufacturing, as well as other clean energy technology like building insulation, efficient heat pumps for buildings, equipment for fuel cells and power grid infrastructure like transformers. The president is also directing the federal government to increase the amount of U.S.-made solar panels and clean technology products it buys, as well." - NPR This is great needs for the solar indsutry - if production speeds up as expected, the administration expects domestic solar manufacturing to triple by 2024.

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