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California pulls the plug on rooftop solar

Today - December 15 the NEM 3.0 bill passed, making it a sad day for homeowners. "The Public Utilities Commission approved Net Energy Metering 3.0, slashing payments for sending rooftop solar production to the grid. New rooftop solar projects are now considered uneconomical without an attached battery." - PV Magazine When does the bill go into effect? April 2023 What does this mean? Homeowners will see little to no savings when they go solar. Which is why it is crucial to lock in the best version of solar now. "Customers who have new systems installed and approved for grid interconnection before the effective date in April will be grandfathered in to NEM 2.0 rates." "The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said the decision is “too abrupt” and will slow rooftop solar deployment in the state. “The failure to adopt a more gradual transition to net billing risks putting solar out of reach for millions of residents across the state,” said SEIA." "Rooftop solar is valued for its ability to efficiently deliver clean power, limit the amount of transmission infrastructure needed to support generation, provide backup power and grid services, support small business, and more." Read full article here: California pulls the plug on rooftop solar

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