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Environmentalists sue California over reduced solar incentives

Updated: May 11

A lawsuit filed by three environmental groups against the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has brought the fate of rooftop solar incentives in the state to court.

The environmental groups argue that the CPUC's decision to slash compensation payments for solar-generated power was illegal and failed to consider the overall benefits of rooftop solar. The lawsuit calls for the decision to be overturned and for the agency to reconsider the matter. The outcome of this legal battle holds significant implications for California's renewable energy goals and could impact the growth of rooftop solar installations.

"The commission really left us no choice but to take this to court." - Roger Lin, Center for Biological Diversity

The outcome of this legal battle is crucial for California's ambitions to phase out fossil fuels and transition to 100% clean energy. California has seen over 1.5 million homes and businesses install solar panels, largely driven by the success of the net metering incentive program. If the lawsuit is successful, the growth of rooftop solar installations could continue at a rapid pace, reducing reliance on utility companies and facilitating more local clean energy production.

The lawsuit not only challenges the CPUC's failure to consider the full benefits of rooftop solar but also argues that the agency violated a provision of a 2013 law. The law required the development of specific alternatives to net metering that aimed to promote solar adoption among low-income residential customers in disadvantaged communities. The environmental groups contend that the commission disregarded this obligation by deferring the responsibility to a separate rule making process


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