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Florida bill is ‘gun to the solar rooftop industry’s head’

The title might sound dramatic, but it's quite accurate. A bill passed by the Florida Legislature, House Bill 741, is waiting on Governor Ron Desantis for a signature. The bill will untimely help shape the fate of rooftop solar in the Sunshine State.

"The controversial bill lowers the credits power companies are required to provide to rooftop solar customers for the power they provide to the grid. Solar advocates say this will disincentivize Florida residents from investing in solar panels, crippling the rooftop solar industry."

House Bill 741 will soon become law unless Gov. DeSantis vetoes it. “A signature will mean the end to solar as we know it here in Florida,” says former Navy Seal Steve Rutherford, now the owner of Tampa Bay Solar, “Basically it is a gun to the solar rooftop industry’s head.” Big takeaways from the article: - Right now homeowners with rooftop solar are compensated by the power companies for the excess energy they produce on sunny days. This is called net metering.The energy flows into the grid and supplements energy, the power companies would otherwise have to provide, thus helping lower demand overall. The compensation rooftop solar owners receive is a credit which they can then use at night when the sun does not shine. This keeps electricity bills down and in some cases near zero for energy charges. For many solar owners, it also allows them to pay off the large upfront investment required for solar panels. - Many industry advocates feel this will ruin rooftop solar’s return on investment and dissuade future customers. - This will result in job losses and business closures – mom and pop businesses will be affected– the majority of the solar installers, there are 100s in Florida. According to News Channel 8, the governor has not yet received this bill from the legislature. He will act on it based on its final form, once delivered. Read full article HERE

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