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LinkedIn Says ‘Virtual Selling Is Here To Stay’

With over a year of implementing remote/virtual work within a variety of industries and business roles - studies are in, and researchers agree that virtual selling is here to stay. The term "return to normal" is not a realistic phrase anymore. "A return to normal is just an illusion, as our world has changed. With all the opportunities that have occurred, why would someone want to go back to the way things were when there is a possibility of something better?” - Patty Crabtree, Forbes Article

After a year of leading the global sales solution team at LinkedIn, Jonathan Lister believes: “Virtual selling is here to stay,” says Lister. “This is true for all industries and organizations, not just the early adopters or digitally native. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey report, three quarters of buyers and sellers say they actually prefer digital interactions over face-to-face. And, over this past year, we’ve watched entire industries pivot their sales approaches and accelerate their adoption of virtual selling.” - Forbes Below is a summary of tips, provided by Forbes, to continue to accelerate your efficacy of virtual selling: - Be diligent about sticking to an agenda and a reasonable timeframe. - Use reliable data to add value immediately. - Leverage your LinkedIn network to gain insight into customer pain points and business needs. - Balance quality with volume. Show buyers that you can anticipate their needs. Bottom line: Digital selling is here to stay, and everyone should be taking advantage of the virtual ecosystem. Read full article here: LinkedIn Says ‘Virtual Selling Is Here To Stay’

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