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Now offering Enphase IQ8 Inverter, the only all-in-one smart energy system.

Excited to announce that My Solar Solutions is now offering Enphase IQ8 Inverter! The only all-in-one smart energy system with the safety, power and reliability you‘ve been waiting for. The following information was derived from an official Enphase informational deck: System harmony under one roof Other systems try to combine separate equipment with varied warranty, software, support, and function. Enphase unites inverter, battery, and monitoring – one company on a single software platform to create the most versatile system in the industry.

The safest battery Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as the safest residential battery chemistry.

• Will not explode if punctured or exposed to fire

• Free of toxic, unstable cobalt heavy metal

• Zero possibility of thermal runaway fires

Encharge cycles longer than the competition.

  • Better cycling translates to more throughput (MWh/kWh) over the full system lifetime

  • Natural cooling, as opposed to liquid cooling for NMC battery systems

  • 10-year warranty

The most rigorous certification and testing

  • Over one million testing hours

  • Install safely inside or outside

  • Install safely with near-zero spacing

  • Secure data collection and processing

Fully-automated power backup

  • Storm Guard

  • Over-the-air updates

  • Seamless backup mode

For more detailed information download the Enphase deck HERE

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