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San Diego Gas & Electric surging rates shock customers

If you live in the city of San Diego you should have already received an email letting you know that SDG&E rates have increased. The following information was derived from an article on KPBS: Residents county-wide are seeing an increase in their gas and electric bills.

As of January first, SDG&E increased its rates. On its website, the utility said it’s required to update energy pricing to reflect the costs of providing clean, safe and reliable service to customers. It lists a number of factors prompting the increase, from a global rise in costs to wildfire mitigation efforts. Words of frustration from an SDG&E customer: “Previously my bills were in the $30, 40 range," she said. "My first bill in January was $88. I went to my mailbox and my bill this month is $98.” Many home owners and consumers are looking for a solution to their high energy bills - If you didn't know by now solar still reduces your utility bills, meaning you'll save a lot of money. SDG&E customers are not the only ones feeling the pinch. SoCalGas, a Sempra company like SDG&E, sent an email to its customers in Southern California to explain why their gas bills are higher. Read full article HERE If you live in San Diego, our solar expert in the area can help discuss some options with you!

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