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SDG&E Notifies Customers that Energy Bill to be More Than Double This Month

As announced on January 3, 2023 - "SDG&E Adopts New Rates Impacted By Historically High Natural Gas Prices Affecting Customers Nationwide." "San Diego Gas & Electric implemented new natural gas and electric rates effective Jan. 1, 2023, that reflect the increasing costs of providing clean, safe and reliable energy services. The most significant contributor to the increases is the ongoing, steep rise in the natural gas market, which has impacted energy bills across the nation. Natural gas is not just used for heating and cooking, it’s also used to generate 40% of this nation’s electricity." - SDG&E Here's an example of what to expect: If last year your peak winter gas bill was $105, you can expect this months bill to be $225. Assistance programs are available - they include bill discounts, debt relief, payment plans and energy efficiency programs - however they are not a guaranteed long term solutions to the increasing costs. This is another reason why we encourage home owners to look into solar and secure a fixed monthly rate. With the way inflation is going - this proves to be beneficial to many people across the nation. Contact us today if you have any questions about going solar. We can answer all of your questions: | 619.957.8795

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