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So Cal Gas & Electric Increase In Utility Bill Rates | Effective Immediately

From KUSI News: "To begin the new year, San Diego Gas & Electric customers have been experiencing a new rise in costs for utilities. Some customers reported a double-digit increase in their bill during the month of January. The utility company’s website cited a list of reasons contributing to the price hikes, including commodity fuel prices and legislative mandates.

SDG&E released a statement on their website explaining the updated prices are implemented at the start of every year. The company said there is no ideal time for an increase of rates, and that they are always looking for ways to improve operations." From SD Union Tribune: "Our customers are angry about their recent energy bills, which is completely understandable. San Diego is not alone in experiencing record inflation; high grocery, gasoline and housing costs, and uncertainty as lingering effects of the pandemic have us questioning if life will ever return to “normal.” As an expert in the solar industry, I can’t stress this enough - now is prime time for houses to go solar. If you sell in this market we can help you build out sales funnels to capitalize on this rate increase and help you get more customers. Get in touch via email:

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