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Technology in direct selling, closing the gap between people

We live in a constantly changing digital world. In order to stay up to speed with tech, people are truly benefiting from embracing technology and adapting it to their sales process. In this article by S4DS, the author highlights how to use technology in direct selling to close the gap between people:

- Bringing opportunity to millions: “Direct Selling is a human-centric business model, relationship-based and strengthened by the interactions of people, with the modernization and digitalization of this business model, technology sets the precedent for the empowerment and opportunity creation in societies with large gaps in their populations." - Direct Selling is closing society gaps “Inequality can be tied to many different problems in societies. But Direct Selling is a human business and has changed the income generation for millions without other employment and income generation options.” You can maximize sales efficiently by implementing technology across operations. Check out the bullet points below provided by S4DS:

  • With a customer-centric approach in their strategy

  • Empowering consultants with customer-centric content to power their social selling

  • Digital training programs

  • Logistics that maximize the areas of impact of each distributor

  • Communication channels that seamlessly ease the interaction customer – consultant – company

  • Fast enrollment programs

  • Cash-out commission payments.

Read the full article HERE

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