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Two major Solar manufacturers pulled out of the market - luckily we are prepared with a plan

The following communication was published by our major solar partner and applies to My Solar Solutions: On March 28, the U.S Commerce Department (USCD) opened an investigation to assess additional tariffs on solar manufacturers in several countries outside China, as well as tariffs on U.S. manufacturers for imports of any components to make solar modules from those same countries.

This investigation caused two major manufacturers to pull out of the market, and since the tariff is retroactive to April 1, all remaining manufacturers have instantly raised their prices to cover the potential cost of these tariffs if the USCD rules they are due in August.

We are happy to say that we have a plan in place and we have secured supply with our primary partners for the remainder of the year. The purchase orders were placed, and we believe we are in good shape. We know we live in a world where the unexpected happens, but we will always be proactive and we will always have a plan to make sure you and your customers have the best experience possible. We are happy to continue to have product, but we also know the solar industry is taking a hit. We are diligently working to source any additional Mission panels to be added to more states as well as any other types of product to diversify our offering.

We are challenged, but we will keep the right mindset. We will use continue to grow in strength and push through to come out on top! That’s just the name of our game!

We are grateful for your patience, dedication to our mission, and the work you put in day in and day out to make us the best we can be - no matter what! Let’s keep knocking solar out of the park!

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