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Update on Section 201 global safeguard tariffs on imported solar cells and modules

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you work within the solar industry, you are well aware that we are experiencing a global supply chain issue. This is in part due to the fact that former president, Trump, imposed Section 201 tariffs in 2018. This negatively impacted the solar global supply chain. An extension of the 201 tariffs will only worsen the issue and worsen the global climate crisis.

The tariffs, imposed by President Trump in January 2018, have failed to reach any of their proposed goals. Here's a list of negative results of the Section 201 tariffs: - Failed to produce marginal investments in domestic module assembly facilities that fell short of the capacity needed to serve U.S. demand - Failed to meet President Biden’s ambitious climate and clean energy goals - Failed to create jobs, instead resulted in significant job losses “Since the Section 201 tariffs were imposed in 2018, the U.S. solar industry has missed out on more than 62,000 jobs, $19 billion in private sector investment and more than 10 gigawatts of solar deployment. Extending the tariffs will compound these economic losses and worsen the supply chain bottlenecks that are already throttling America’s clean energy sector.” - SEIA It’s in the numbers - here are some stats provided by SEIA: “The tariffs were imposed at 30% in 2018 and stepped down by 5% annually until the Trump Administration altered the step-down schedule and reset the tariff level at 18% in 2021. Solar companies planned for the tariffs to drop to 15% this year before phasing out altogether. An extension would further disrupt business certainty and America’s ability to quickly deploy zero-carbon energy.”

The SEIA testified against the Section 201 tariffs and urges Biden Administration to Phase Out Section 201 Tariffs. Read full article by SEIA here: SEIA Urges Biden administration to phase out section 201 tariffs We stand in support with the SEIA and hope that the Biden administration will phase out the tariffs to better support the solar supply chain and climate action.

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